Thursday, July 19, 2007

Run Cycle-Revised

So I gave that dog another go at a run cycle except this time I tried it more along the lines of a Hanna Barbera limited animation cartoon. I've been watching the Huckleberry Hound DVD a lot this past week (my son's latest discovery) so I thought that might be fun. It was actually very helpful. I learned a lot from just this crappy cycle and I think it's going to help when I give it a go again using fuller animation. The first part is on twos and the second on ones. I can only assume H-B did it the same way. Just take a walk or run and pull out some frames. Real cheap time saving stuff.


Craig D said...

Yeah, I can imagine something like this being on the old HUCKLEBERRY HOUND show.

I bet you'd do a mean YOGI walk cycle!

Kevin Langley said...

Great idea. You know one of the best Yogi walks was in John K.'s "Boo Boo Runs Wild".

david gemmill said...

really nice stuff man. solid too. my only suggestion would maybe to be push one of the poses of the foot/contact pose so that the drawings aren't lining up on top of each other. if that makes sense. but it looks great.