Friday, December 31, 2010

Character Painting

Here's the character painting that will open the "Goober" short. I inked it on Bristol and then "painted" it in ArtRage. I love the Art Bartsch paintings in the beginning of the TerryToons shorts and wanted something like that right before the title card. I'm no Art Bartsch but this will do for now. I'll probably use ArtRage for painting most of the backgrounds but I'd like to try my hand at using real paint for some. In the meantime, I'm rewriting the beginning to simplify things and looking where I can cut scenes in order to bring down the overall running time. Originally, The short was to be around 7 minutes. I'd like to cut a couple of minutes of it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Goober Sleeve, revisited

So I've decided to revisit a short I started working on a few years ago but abandoned because I was unhappy with my abilities at the time. I don't think I'm any happier now with the way I draw but I've decided to revise the short. I'm going to start with sprucing up the storyboard. The gags are pretty weak so I want to make it funnier. I'll work on the character designs too as I'm not happy with them either. I'm hoping to speed up the tempo and work in some "Tyeresque" animation. I just want to have fun with it as I haven't found drawing all that much fun lately. Hopefully, I'll make some progress in the next few weeks. Here's some of the only footage I animated a few years ago. Not very good, but I'm hoping to improve on it.