Saturday, April 04, 2009

Rough Designs

I've started working on a couple of characters for a short (very short) that I'd like to start working on here and there. The story, if you could call it that is starting to come together and I'll start work on the storyboards soon. I have a few modest goals that I'd like to achieve with this short. Foist, there's no dialog but it is going to be set to music. In fact the short is wholly inspired by the song, in title and feel. I'd also like to try and experiment with design a little. Just something different for me, stuff that I haven't tried to draw before. I'd like to stick to an actual production process. Board it first, then work on bar sheets and move on to layout and so on. I tend to do everything scatterbrain. That's probably why I never finish anything. Here's some rough doodles done in short bursts at work or on the train ride to or from work. Oh, the title is "Welcome To The Theatron Animatronique" taken from the song of the same name by Secret Chiefs 3. Here's a live version of the song for those of you (probably everyone) that hasn't heard the song. Trey Spruance rules!!


Jack G. said...

This looks pretty cool.
The character sketches seem kinda UPA-ish.

I like the kid and that pose with the other character leaning over to him is good stuff.

The music sounds like a good choice.

I tend to do everything scatterbrain. That's probably why I never finish anything.

Ha! I tend to get off track easy.
I'll decide to copy a drawing and then start looking for other drawings to copy. Before you know it, I haven't done any relevant work! Then I get mad at myself!

Good luck with the piece. I'm impressed with anybody who can make a series of drawings for animation (something I can't do).

Also notice I'm not Masked Stinker anymore. I decided to use a screen name closer to my real one.

david gemmill said...

really cool. i like the nose guy and the good kid. I think they work well together design wise. nice work!