Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Doo Doo Doodles


Jack G. said...

I like 'em all.

Fun and cartoony.

chrisallison said...

Hey Kevin! Fun doodles! I think I recognize the dog from the Tex Avery Lantz cartoons he did. "DOG PLASMA" hahaha

I'm excited about your short! If you're going to animate it in Flash, I would highly recommend BOARDING in Flash too! You can board it right in flash, then time it out, throw in some sound, and WHAM, you got your animatic. It'll be a lot easier to synch everything right up to the music than messing with sheets (I learned everything old school, but with digital it's so much easier to just listen and watch your stuff in the program).

Your drawings are looking loose and fun and I hope the animation turns out the same way! GO KEVIN!

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

Chris- I was thinking of doing the whole short in Flash. Though I don't have a tablet so I'll be scanning all my drawings. I may just take your advice and time it out in Flash just to save time. Hopefully I'll have some storyboard drawings to share soon.

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