Sunday, September 17, 2006

Some 60 Second Sketches

Here's some sketches that were all done in around a minute. I've been trying to practice Shamus Culhane's technique of not thinking about the drawing and just draw as fast as possible. Some of these are better than drawings I labor over but they're not really finished drawings. I'd like to get good at this so that I can rough out animation quicker and then go back and clean it up later.


Craig D said...

Hey, those are pretty good! The one with the lion actually reminds me of one of Culhane's drawings from INKI AND THE MINAH BIRD!

Why not try roughing out some animation extremes this way, just to see what you get?

Kevin Langley said...

I've actually watched "Inki and The Minah Bird" alot lately so I guess I've got that lion on the brain.

I think I will rough out some animation this way, I'll try and post some this week. If I ever get time. Thanks for looking Craig.