Sunday, September 17, 2006

Goober Sketch

This is a sketch that I'm going to paint for the opening titles of a short I'm working on. I'm no painter so it'll probably come out crappy. The kid's name is Goober Sleave and my other blog follows the production or as it is now lack of production of the short. He has no developed personality so I don't think I'll be trying anymore stories with him, I prefer to try and come up with a funny animal instead, like the dog under Goober. If you look here you'll see how the design has changed since I started working on the cartoon. He's become much more solid and rounder over time. One thing I'm looking forward to about actually completing the cartoon someday is to look at scenes that were animated first to the ones done last. Hopefully there will be some improvement.

Random Dog


Craig D said...

Goober looks like he could be George Liquor's nephew! Which is to say I like his design. Don't underestimate the power of a bland character, though! Lots of madness can swirl around such a guy, just ask Droopy!

Kevin Langley said...

You're absolutely right! Some of my favorite cartoons are Droopy cartoons and there's not much to him in the way of personality. I think the ideal situations for Goober would be for him to just get himself into trouble and get pounded by someone.