Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lesson 4

Here's my stab at lesson 4. This was my favorite so far, drawing George and one of my all-time favorites Screwy Squirrel. The drawings by themselves are OK but once I compare them to Preston Blair's the mistakes are very obvious. Oh well, just gotta keep practicing and correct those mistakes.

I noticed I keep making the bodies too wide, which throws off the rest of the drawing.


bardhol said...

Your rabbit looks really good to me. This is great work-- solid construction, even if all the lines don't match up with Preston's. PS- those model sheets are the cat's meow

Gabriel said...

I think you're doing really nice! I guess we must compare our stuff to Preston's to see what we did wrong and push ourselves up, but I don't think even John (or most human beings) could reproduce the drawing exactly right.
Well, keep up the good work!

Andy Seredy said...

I totally agree. I dont think the corrections are to actually get us to reproduce it perfectly, more to get us to think about the drawing differently.

Great stuff, man. I know exactly what you mean about going back and redoing the lessons. There is soo much to learn I'm afraid of missing something.


Kevin Langley said...

Thanks for the nice words guys. The one reason I really want to get as close to the original as possible is that I tend to have trouble maintaining volume and keeping the proportions correct when animating. Everything tends to get a little wobbly. There's so much great stuff in this book. I can't wait to draw Red's dance moves, but that'll a long time from now.

Craig D said...


I agree with the others that your drawings look good. BUT I also get where you're coming from, too. The whole point is to obsess on the basics of shape, proportion and volume. If we can get this stuff mastered then we can go psycho in an enlightened and well-equipped manner. (For instance, how many times has John K scoffed at the "you're not on model" comment? BUT he knows the value of being able to deviate from the model and still be true to character/emotion/motion/etc.)

Keep up the good work (and thanks for your comments at my blog!)

Craig D.