Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lesson 3

Here's some comparisons of my pitiful attempts alongside Prestons Blair's originals.

What's wrong with this one.
  • Eye shapes are off
  • The muzzle should curve to the left
  • Everything about the ears
  • The curvature at the top of the nose

This one is just a mess. I defintely will redraw this one, I love the expression of the original.
  • The eyes again are wrong
  • The shape of the nose
  • The ears
  • The right side of the jaw needs to curve out further
  • The mouth is too high up

At first I thought this one came out alright. Then I did a side by side comparison.
  • The head is too small
  • The angle of the neck is to straight and stiff
  • The nose is too straight ahead, it should curve down more
  • Angle of the bottom jaw is off
  • The chin is much to big


NateBear said...

i think for the wolf comparison one important thing is that in preston's drawing the eyes have more perspective and they seem to stem from one invisible spot. in yours they look a little more mechanical. sort of like donald ducks eyes. especially since the farther one isn't as narrow.

NateBear said...

ok and now i notice about the dog's eats you seem to draw the fur detail in the first step. i think the ears are just singular spaghetti curves with details added after the main flow of the shape is established.

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks for the incites. I see exactly what you're talking about.