Saturday, March 13, 2010

ArtRage Digital Painting

This is my first try at digital painting using ArtRage. It's a cool program that mimics the look and feel of real paints. I inked the pencils in Illustrator and then colored the lines in Photoshop before importing into ArtRage. It's only a first try and the only thing I'm happy with is the cat's nose. I basically tried to put to use the great info in Sherm Cohen's tutorials that he made for ArtRage and Illustrator.


Chris Sig said...

Wow! I've heard a lot about this ArtRage program, and it seems to really do the trick judging by the final piece. Wouldn't mind giving that a whirl sometime :)

Marvellous stuff, mate.

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks Chris. It really is a cool program, plus I don't waste my real paint practicing.

Jack G. said...

It's a fun drawing - not stiff like my stuff tends to be.

I think you should try pushing the thicks & thins with your ink lines more.

Oh, yeah I redesigned/retitled my blog.

Kevin Langley said...

You're right about the inking Jack. I have an even harder time inking digitally than with a real brush. That's no excuse though because if I don't like a line I can just delete it. I still have to figure out how to better customize brushes in Illustrator.