Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Piggy Stuff

A couple more drawings from the video in progress.


Jack G. said...

These are fun which is something I struggle with when I try to do my own drawings.

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks jack. I haven't drawn in a looonngg time but at least I'm having fun with it. Making the music video is really enjoyable, which I can't always say when I'm drawing. Sometimes I just hate it. Usually after I look at stuff by Shane Glines or some other hotshot artist. That guy makes me want to burn my paper and pencils.

Jack G. said...

I don't get too envious of others.

But struggling to draw the way I'd like to does make me angry and frustrated and I don't get back to the drawing board for weeks.

I like the drawings in the new post too!

Have a good holiday and great new year.