Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little more construction practice. Plus, a second or two added to some animation I posted a while back. He's supposed to be saying "What am I doing?" I haven't added the dialog track to it yet. Slowly I'll add more to it when I have the time.


chrisallison said...

AWESOME KEVIN! I really wanna see this with the sound. This is coming along nicely!

More more moer more more!

benj said...

GReAT StuFF!!!

J.R. Spumkin said...

But Kevin, my question is, do you trace the construction over the picture?

Kevin Langley said...

No, I draw the construction myself. That's why my drawings are wonky :)

Flipbook it rather easy to use once your familiar with it. You can scan drawings directly into it or import them (that's what I do). You can work using multiple layers also. Check out, they used to offer trial downloads and they give a good overview of the software.

Anonymous said...

Ah, cuz I trace the construction over the drawing (because my charred eyes can't get basic shapes. So many years of watching flat cartoons does that to ya) to get a basic feel for the shape and form, and then I draw the construction myself. That's why MY stuff's wonky.

Gotta check out Flipbook!

-J. Spumkin

Masked Stinker said...

The animation is pretty fun!

How many drawings
did you do for this?

I'm so slow with doing a drawing I can't possibly imagine putting something
like this together.

Did you do it "limited animation" like Hannah Barbera?

Kevin Langley said...

I think it's a little over 50 drawings. Some of it's full animation and some of it's done just animating on separate layers. I want to keep going with it but I just haven't had the time. Thanks for checking it out.

Joseff said...

Awesome animation!