Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Screwy and Meathead

Here's some more Screwy's and another Meathead drawing. I'm trying to get more comfortable drawing them before attempted my own poses.


Craig D said...

I just gots to love me some of them Screwys & Meatheads!

The "jump for joy" pose might be better if the heels and hands didn't intersect, but what do I know?

Nice page of facial expressions! You're getting better and better, IMO.

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks Craig, much appreciated. That jumping pose is real tough. I kept intersecting the hand and feet. Practice,practice, practice I guess.

benj said...

The screwy "expressions sheet" is really nice :D Keep it up! (& keep posting!)

christopher said...

These rock!! Just saw that you linked to my blog. Sorry it took so long to return the favor, boy do I feel like a dick :( I visit your blogs all the time but hardly comment. Just thought I would say keep up the hard work, it's definitely inspiring!

Ale said...

That's great man!
Those characters got some fun shapes to work on, and you're doing an awesome job.
Keep it up!

Craig D said...

Here I come a-carolin'
I go from blog to blog!
Screwy is a squirrel, I guess
And Meathead is a dog.


david gemmill said...

nice work on the expression studies. keep up the great work.

Mike Matei said...

All three of these pages look really good.